Lintel Replacement Worthing

Lintel Replacement

A common structural problem that can affect your home is a lintel failure. Lintels sit above most standard windows and doors. These lintels can be either brick, concrete or steel. If you notice a crack above your windows or doors, then chances are you'll need these lintels replaced.

Lintels are installed into your property horizontally, over windows and doors primarily to support the structure above.

Similar to steel wall-ties, steel lintels fail due to corrosion. Vertical cracks form either diagonally from the top corners of the windows. The lintel warps, which causes masonry to lift and bulge.

The existing brickwork will need to be supported with the appropriate props, and the failed lintel will need to be removed. The masonry is cleaned up and made good prior to the new lintel being installed.

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