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Wall Tie Replacement and Repair

Wall Ties hold both the inner and outer walls together, by doing so a cavity between the two walls is maintained, this keeps the internal side of the cavity dry and ventilated, over time the external section of the wall tie commonly corrodes and expands, this mainly happens due to the wall tie being made from sub-par metal such as mild steel or iron both have a tend to rust thus lifting or creating cracks in the exterior masonry.

In some cases the cracks or lifting can allow driving rain to enter and if the cavity has been filled with insulation this will bridge the cavity allowing moisture to reach the internal wall and create further damp issues internally. Stainless steel wall ties of the current era are installed differently and more efficiently, most commonly drilled directly through the outer brick into the inner brick and then tightened up to a certain torque depending on the brick or block.

Existing wall ties normally found in a pattern can be located near cracked sites or with a metal detector, once found they are drilled so they become separated from the masonry and either removed or enclosed with a waterproof sleeve making them non-existent.

Modern wall ties usually have a lifetime expectancy depending on the manufacturer. Southpoint Repointing can issue a minimum 25 year guarantee manufacturer dependent.

Southpoint Repointing can provide Wall-Tie surveys and replace the existing failed wall ties with stainless steel wall ties in Worthing and the Sussex area.

A rusted, failed wall tie

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