Repointing in Worthing

Repointing Brickwork - What's The Point?

The difference between repointing and pointing is the latter occurs during the initial build process.

Repointing is the process of of removing the existing or defective pointing, Southpoint Repointing use Dust extraction as standard to safely grind the existing pointing to a depth of up to 25mm giving the new pointing a sound depth. Mortar ratios can vary from area to area and depending on the property build in question lime mortar may need to be included in the mixes, this helps with movement and sitcks to the rule with repointing; the mortar shouldn't be harder than the brick.

Although pointing is often looked upon as cosmetic it also serves a meaningful purpose; preventing water penetrating or sitting in the joints. There are many different types of repointing/pointing finishes, the most common being BUCKET handle (Half round) finish, WEATHERSTRUCK which is slightly slanted and trimmed along the bottom of the joint to allow water to run off. Tuck pointing is less often seen in the worthing and west Sussex area and is much more costly and time consuming but mainly used as a cosmetic finish. Southpoint Repointing are able to carry out all repointing works to the highest of standards and competitively priced too.

Southpoint Repointing primarily use gun injection to apply new pointing but often revert to the traditional methods of Hawk & Trowel which is not often seen in modern times, certainly not on the south coast of worthing or west Sussex and the surrounding areas.

Unsure if your pointing needs repair? Contact us and we can visit and advise.

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